Why would someone do a lease with option to buy?

Well there's actually many reasons and benefits to both buyer and seller.

For the seller: Long market times? The purchase of another home? If the seller cannnot move the home in the traditional sense, then a creative deal is usually the next best thing. A lease option offers the seller a stronger alternative with a client/renter/buyer that has more invested in taking care of the property.

The buyer: gets an opportunity to live in the home that they want to purchase, while having additional time to improve their buying situation. This could be time to save for a larger down payment,  time to improve their credit score, or time for a negative factor to be removed.


As things continue to stall in the financial and credit worlds, more and more buyers will be pushed into a few options for housing. 1) straight purchase - if they have great credit and large down payment (25% now) 2) renting 3) A lease option/ creative deal, where seller and buyer assist each other in solving a problem.

If you need assistance with either one of these positions, contact us and we'll get started on your solution.


Is good credit necessary to by a home?

NO. We can get you into a house right now – regardless of your credit problems! Buy a home while you repair your credit.

Will I need a large down payment to get a loan?

NO. We can work with almost any amount you have for a down payment. With as little as $5000 down, you can move into a nice home inside of a week.

Do I have to settle for less of a home than I need?

NO. Do you need a 3-bedroom or 4-bedroom home? We typically have nice homes in just about any area.

Will I have to wait a long time to get through the ‘red tape’ of financing?

            NO. We can probably move you in next week. Will that work for you?

Do I have to have a pre-approval letter from a bank to buy a home?

NO. In most cases, we are the bank. We have a simple application for you to complete and you don’t need to give us your eye teeth.

I understand that buying a home is a monumental financial commitment and it could be years before I get my money out of it. Is that true?

NO. How does rent-to-own sound? Yes, it still works and it gives you the opportunity to try before you buy!

Is it true that there is an endless stack of paperwork involved in closing on a home?

            NO. A certain amount of paperwork is required, but its simply not necessary to kill a rainforest so you can buy a home. We have streamlined the paperwork and typically complete most of it for you.

You Deserve To Own A Home!


Let Us Show You How,
With As Little As 3 Monthly Payments Down!

You work hard and pay your dues. Now it’s time to reap the benefits of home ownership! We specialize in creating solutions for hard-working people, even when...

• credit is bad or ugly (we’ve seen the worst of it!)
• there’s not much money for a down payment (no problem)
• you want to make the dream of home ownership a reality

We offer many financing solutions that most bankers or realtors don’t even know about!

Our "3 Monthly Payments" program has helps people get into a home with way less money than expected. You can read more about that program by clicking here.

Rent to Own
We also have a wonderful "Rent to Own" program. There is no bank qualifying to go through. It might only be days and you could be living in your own home! We can work together to repair credit problems AFTER you move in. A regular mortgage can happen down the road. Click here for more information on this new, creative solution.

     Imagine a home...a nice yard...no apartment neighbors...even your own laundry room and garage – and it’s yours! Then add on the tax benefits of ownership and the profit potential with escalating home prices. If you want the benefits, we have the route to get there.




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